Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Father/Daughter Fiesta

Being that Monday was a day off, I was looking forward to sleeping in. However, my adventurous pops had other plans. Knock Knock, Sarrraaaahhhhhhh... Was what I woke up to. I was super duper oober excited when my dad had invited me to a Father/Daughter day with him... I decided on a sporty look being that I was in one of my "Cozy/Comfy Outfit Mood"..... Off to the Fiesta Bowl we went!
It was an INCREDIBLE game! The game went into overtime and OSU came out with the win! That wasn't the only exciting thing at the game, however. As you stay updated with my blog you'll notice how much I am in love with food. WELL, at the game they had these amazing cinnamon sugared coated almonds/pecans. Let me tell you friends, they were to DIE for! The whiff of the aroma made you weak in the knee. Mmmm mmm mmm!  They were amazing to say the least :) What a lovely day I had with my father.

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