Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Hello blessed people,
Well, to inform you a bit... I got my wisdom teeth pulled on Friday. Therefore, I have been slacking with my new blog. My apology's! However, today is a new day, I'm feeling better, and since I have been wearing mostly comfy/cozy attire, I have decided to post some of the very things I'm fashionably obsessed with at the moment. I will be posting outfits, shoes, and makeup looks. Most of the pictures will either come from Pinterest (which is my obsession) and Tumblr. I have decided to keep up with these kinds of postings once a week to get you all inspired and also to see what I love! ;) 


 This is actually I styled for a photo-shoot, but I'm still obsessed with the polka dots, grey, and pink blend. The entire outfit was styled from Pink House
Ok.. So Kim K.'s outfit, simple and cute. But her SHOES! I'm obsessed. I just recently got a pair of black  lace-up booties and they have changed my life ;)
So last but not least... Eye Gear! I have been obsessed with the cat eye since I came out of the womb. But what I love about this photo is that there are options. Thick, long, etc! Try it!


  1. I am in LOVE with the outfit you styled for the photo shoot. Perfection!